June 27 is Multiculturalism Day in Canada. It is a national day to acknowledge diversity and multiculturalism in Canadian communities.

Multiculturalism in One Word

In the spirit of acknowledging Multiculturalism Day, community members of Cowichan Valley have expressed the spirit of multiculturalism in one word for us here:

The Talk Show: Multiculturalism in 2021

In the spirit of celebrating Multiculturalism Day, within the constraints imposed by COVID, Cowichan Intercultural Society hosts, “The Talk Show: Multiculturalism in 2021”, a short video commenting on multicultural experiences.

Learn more about the multiculturalism act:

Multiculturalism in One Word

In the spirit of remarking Multiculturalism Day, we want you to share “in one word what does multiculturalism mean to you and why?”

Click below to record your answer!

Enjoy the 50 plus video comments from our community members expressing what multiculturalism means to them: