Employment Aid

CIS has worked hard this past year to offer individualized, insightful and welcoming employment assistance to over 116 clients. More than 92% of these clients are employed today.

Sometimes, all that was needed was some strategic information or help with preparing a resume and cover letter alongside a brief introduction to job search strategies.

Other times the assistance needed to be more complex, including help with understanding the local labour market, career explorations, incremental goal setting and planning, assistance with credential recognition, information about education programs, job referrals, interview preparation, mentorship, networking, internship, job shadowing opportunities and hard and soft skills training including Canadian work place culture and profession-specific ethics. Tremendous efforts have been made in the past year to assist Syrian refugees in securing employment.

Settlement Staff has brought in speakers to illustrate the realities of the Canadian labour market, particularly around the regulation of trades, workers’ rights and responsibilities, and local workplace culture.

We are happy to report efforts to connect with increasingly more employers is resulting in more employment opportunities and better jobs for our clients. We are energized by the efforts employers are making to foster diverse and inclusive workplaces as they welcome immigrant talent. We have a tremendous amount of success in our employment program because we are responsive to client needs, have a good understanding of the barriers immigrants face, and have the connections to help mitigate some of these barriers.

Employment assistance is available to all those eligible to work in Canada.
Please contact our Employment Specialist for more information or to make an appointment:

Phone: 250-748-3112

Email: Paulina@cis-iwc.org