The Equity & Inclusion Task Force (E&I Task Force) is focussed on building a safer and more inclusive community for everyone in the Quw’utsun’ Territory/Cowichan Valley, in the province known as British Columbia.

The Equity & Inclusion Task Force at the Cowichan Intercultural Society (CIS) is a new task force that is replacing the Organizing Against Racism and Hate (OARH) Committee that was previously facilitated by CIS.

Because we know that much of the inequality is a direct result of colonization and systemic racism, the focus of the E&I Task Force is on anti-racism initiatives. We like to focus on the outcome rather than the problem, which is why we chose Equity & Inclusion as our name.

Some of the general activities we have planned for the year ahead include planning and facilitating awareness campaigns, educating the public on common misconceptions of race and ethnicity, and decolonization initiatives.

Join the task force

We need your help: We are currently looking for task force members.

We currently have a number of projects we are working on, and are seeking dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate voices to help lead this projects. Visit the E&I website to apply.